We Can Stop An Evil Slouching Toward Our Block

We Can Stop An Evil Slouching Toward Our Block

Imagine for a moment the worst.

Picture a troubled 15 year old girl in your neighborhood. Let’s call her Jade. After yet another argument with her mom, Jade stomps out of the house with an overnight bag and some cash stuffed in her pocket, just enough to buy a one-way bus ticket. Jade has a friend in another town, and she is thinking that on the way there she might follow up with the person from the online chat room who liked her picture on Instagram and had connected with her about a professional “modeling” opportunity.

Tragically, once Jade is on the street she will be easy prey for child sex trafficking rings and then, unless she is found and rescued soon, the clock will start ticking on Jade’s stunningly shortened life span. Studies show that life expectancy for Jade would average about seven year after that.

In my Trevor Black fiction series I have been creating a picture of spiritual warfare, warts and all, trying to stay ahead of the curve in exposing where, and how, the current attacks are taking place. In my newest novel The Empowered, just released, I expose an unholy trinity: an occult form of “spirituality” with a dangerous history, the dark criminal back alley of the Internet known as the “dark web,” and the rising problem of child exploitation and sex trafficking. In real life each of them poses a formidable threat to our families. But the use of children as chattel in the brutal sex trafficking trade is an especially heinous problem and is part of a fast growing criminal racket that is now a billion dollar industry.

In Isaiah 58:6 we are challenged to loose the bonds of wickedness around us and to help those who are oppressed to gain freedom. I can think of no greater application of this command today than for us to pray and act toward the eradication of the perverse enterprise and to rescue those who are caught in its ugly grip. If you couple that with Apostle Paul’s call in Ephesians for us to “expose the deeds of darkness,” then you can see what fueled my engine while writing The Empowered.

In my forty-year career as a trial lawyer and appellate advocate I have had cases of child endangerment that have taken me from trial courts to state supreme courts and a petition before the U.S. Supreme Court. In my work with the American Center for Law and Justice I was honored to help frame arguments before the Georgia Supreme Court that recently resulted in that court upholding a law that will make it tougher for child predators to use the Internet to entice our youth.

Congress is considering a number of anti-human trafficking bills to stop this travesty against children, and the White House has declared January a month to recognize this tragedy. Washington needs to hear our voices of support. But this battle is not just about the law. It is about taking seriously the moral imperative to cherish and protect children. Statistics show the most likely way to rescue those children at risk is for average citizens like you and I to understand the problem of child trafficking and then to report it to law enforcement when we see it.

Given the corruption of our current culture there is a need to be realistic about evil, and yes, to have the courage to imagine the worst. But those of us who are followers of Jesus also have a calling to do something even more important and positive: to rely on His Spirit, believing in His power to use us to help rescue the oppressed and to work toward what is best for our children, our families, and our community.

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